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About the CEO

Zachary Parker

Founder; CEO

Bitcoin and blockchain enthusiast/investor, and author with 10+ years in the crypto industry. He is the founder of The Hedge Coin Group LLC, a multi-faceted cryptocurrency investment & consultancy firm based in Shanghai, China and Houston, TX that is deeply involved with the Bitcoin mining exodus from China. In 2013, he founded and led one of the very first cryptocurrency hedge funds in Asia. Since 2015, Zachary has opened cryptocurrency mining data centers across Asia including in Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Hebei and in (outer) Mongolia. In 2017, feeling the impacts of Chinese crypto-mining regulatory changes he moved the entire mining operation to North America. In total, Zachary is responsible for over 300MW+ of mining centers established over the world. Currently he has an actively managed crypto currency and investment fund.

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We Are Seeking New Projects

Reach Out

If you would like to inquire about current or future opportunities, or if you seek cooperation in anyway, do not hesitate to contact us. The Hedge Coin Group always is looking for the latest trends and ongoing investments.

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