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Investment and Venture Capital

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Our Story

Company Profile

The Hedge Coin Group was originally founded in Shanghai, China in 2013 as a venture capital cryptocurrency hedge fund. We quickly expanded into Bitcoin mining in several different provinces China, Canada and the United States. Not only do we provide cryptocurrency services and consulting, but traditional equities as well. Our current managed equities and securities portfolio achieves on average 150% p.a. The Hedge Coin Group excels at the procurement of hardware and power for crypto mining. 


Time Line

January 2013 - June 2016

Hedge Coins Hedge Fund

The first expatriate operated cryptocurrency hedge fund in China. THCG was a very early adopter of Bitcoin and blockchain. Around this time in China the crypto markets were starting to heat up, and a lot of interest from large clients. We were forced to close down due to Chinese regulation.

March 2015 - November 2017

Bitcoin Mining in China

The Hedge Coin Group started investing into Bitcoin mining operations in Western provinces of China. We had a total of three mining centers operating in China, around 3MW in total. The main business model was focused on hosting clients and investor's machines. In 2017, the Chinese government started to crack down on some Bitcoin miners in China, and THCG decided to move our mining operations out of the country.

November 2017 - Present

Bitcoin Mining in North America

After harsher mining regulations came into effect in China, The Hedge Coin Group, led by its founder and CEO Zachary Parker, decided it was best to move operations to North America. Since then we have set up mining centers in Texas, British Columbia, Minnesota, to name a few, and are constantly expanding. In total, THCG is responsible for 10MW. Please contact us for current hosting plans and availability.

November 2017 - Present

Brokering Power Deals for Chinese Miners

Since The Hedge Coin Group has moved its operations to North America, we have been helping Chinese Bitcoin miners migrate over the Pacific to escape harsh regulations. Some of the most notable clients of ours would be Bitmain and Atlas, however there are many more.

March 2015 - Present

Brokering BTC Mining Hardware

The Hedge Coin Group has a solid relationship with Bitmain, the leader of ASIC Bitcoin mining hardware. THCG helps broker large deals of ASICs are well as other mining hardware. Email us for current stock.

January 2020 - 2022

Pro Stock

The Hedge Coin Group ventured into traditional American equities and securities. Consulting plus portfolio management is available. Since the Pro Stock portfolio was started, it is up an average of 150% p.a.

March 2021 - 2022

Jefferson Digital Technologies

Jefferson Digital Technologies was founded on the premise of carbon neutral Bitcoin mining. Currently we are building a totally green, totally liquid immersion cooled BTC mining facility in Texas. We see immersion cooling as a future trend and want to be leaders in this industry. The first miners are expected to be deployed in Q2 2022.

May 2022 - Present

Energy Land Management

Energy Land Management is building a portfolio of managed cryptocurrency mining centers in the United States. ELM's main goal is to identify large scale electricity capacity, build mining centers, and manage the data center's operations. ELM's first mining center, Titan 1, is under construction in West Texas.

July 2022 - Present

Real Estate Investment 

The Hedge Coin Group acquires, develops and operates different types of commercial real estate properties in the Southern California, Nevada, and Texas markets. THCG delivers returns to investors on average every quarter.

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"The issuing power of currency shall be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

Thomas Jefferson


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